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Purchasing a Private Aircraft

An aircraft is not something you want sold to you, rather it is something you must buy.  It is vitally important that you approach your investment with as much knowledge possible.  Our Acquisition Specialists will serve as counselors to make sure all of your answers are questioned.  All of your ANSWERS must be QUESTIONED.  We want you to receive the most value for your investment and we want to make sure this is a purchase that will make sense, meet your needs, and will make you happy for the duration of ownership.
Some of the many considerations for purchasing:
•    Do you want the burden that comes with ownership?
•    Do you understand maintenance, flight crews, hangars, insurance, and taxes?
•    Are you aware of all the fixed and variable costs that will accompany the purchase?
•    Would it make sense to buy a heavy jet and charter a midsize jet?
•    Would it make more sense to buy a light jet and charter an airliner?
•    Should you buy new or pre-owned?
•    Are there deals in the marketplace for the plane that most fits your needs?

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