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Imperial Jets will arrange the ideal private aircraft for your business or leisure trip. We have access to a diverse network of turboprops and light, heavy, mid and super- mid sized jets around the globe. We are an experienced and innovative firm devoted to providing you with unequaled safety, service, luxury and convenience.

Look forward to:

  • The only other passengers on your flight are the colleagues and companions you choose. Human errors and variables from agents, baggage handlers and airport screeners are eliminated.
  • Any information regarding charter flights booked through Imperial Jets remains strictly confidential.
  • Each pilot’s experience, safety record, insurance and equipment hours are audited by the operator to the highest standards. Please see Standards page.


  • You, rather than an airline or charter company can select or change planes and flight times.
  • Imperial Jets charter carriers can access several thousand airports in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, thereby avoiding routing you through congested “ hub airports”.
  • You can visit two, three or more destinations the same day, rather than lose a day to traffic, security or commercial connections restrictions.

Cost Savings

  • If control of your time is money, the comfort, luxury and flexibility of Imperial Jets is a strong value.
  • The per passenger costs of private aviation are frequently comparable to first class airline travel.

Convenience and Time Savings

  • In advance of your trip, our operations personnel will organize the highlights and minutes of your itinerary and email or fax it to you.
  • Snacks, alcoholic and popular beverages are gratis on all chartered flights.
  • No crowds, lines or hectic terminals.
  • With thousands more airports to choose from, you will land closer to your destination.
  • Our carriers provide planes which can noticeably decrease your travel time without layovers, refueling or connections.
  • Experience the freedom of cutting your travel time by 50% flying by private jet charter.


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